Friday, June 18, 2010

How to Find the Cheapest Laptop Deals

Finding the cheapest laptop deals is no easy task. There are a few simple preliminary concepts that will make searching for a cheap laptop less cumbersome.

Before purchasing a new inexpensive laptop you have to decide how much money you are willing to spend. I usually consider cheap laptops to be any laptop under $500. But as technology improves this price threshold will eventually go down. It is important to set a maximum price because it is very easy when shopping for a laptop to lose sight of this price ceiling that you have set for yourself. That extra 2 gigs of RAM may sound like a great deal, but not if it costs you more than you are willing to spend overall. This $500 price cap is my own personal threshold and will vary from person to person.

After setting a price cap, you then have to decide what the most important features and hardware you want to include in your new laptop. When searching for cheap laptops, it is important to focus on three main hardware components. These three main options are hard drive storage, RAM, and processor speed. There are many other important laptop specifications, but these three are the most important things I look for.

Hard drive storage refers to how much space is available on your laptop. This is pretty easy to gauge as most laptops now are between 100 gigs to 1TB. The more space the better, obviously when selecting a cheap laptop deal I would prefer to have 1TB of memory.

RAM is your computer's random access memory. This is a form of computer data storage. Like hard drive storage, more RAM is better when buying a new laptop.

The final specification I am most concerned with when purchasing a cheap notebook is the processor speed. The faster the processor, the better. Having a slow processor is very frustrating because it will undoubtedly affect your computer's performance.

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