Monday, January 21, 2008

Configuring a cheap affordable laptop

We all want to save money, especially if were in need of a cheap laptop. What would be the minimum configuration though that would have saved you money on your new laptop but also makes you feel that you have purchased a quality second or back-up notebook?

Memory: Probably the most important, 1gb is the minimum. How many times have we blamed our slow computer on the Internet? Well when you add extra memory it gives your laptop that extra boost.

The rest all depends on your needs, wifi, graphics card, etc. etc.

Battery: Get the battery with the most juice. You'll be kicking yourself when all you get is less than 2 hours of work time on your labtop.

If you have DSL or High-speed Internet and you roam around the house with your computer go for the wireless-N wifi card. They are backwards compatible with b/g, so you can use your computer when n isn't available, but the distance you get with wireless n is amazing especially when you use your laptop with a compatible router.

So go ahead and get that cheap laptop, but an inexpensive notebook computer doesn't mean it won't deliver when you need it!

Most affordable computers with quality components? The winner?


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