Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A Low Priced Laptop That Runs on Core Duo Technology!

Choosing the perfect laptop is a difficult, nearly impossible task. A lot of people tend to settle for a laptop that is in their price range, regardless of specs, or included features. This is on the whole, a huge mistake. A lot of budget laptops cut corners, while other similar priced notebooks offer plenty to any consumer. It’s all a matter of knowing which computer to buy, and unfortunately unknowledgeable “newbs” are constantly getting screwed over. The new MPC TransPort T1300 Core Duo laptop is somewhere in the middle of all this, offering a low price tag, and some pretty decent specs.

Initially, things seem very nice with this laptop package. It’s powered by the very popular Core Duo technology, and comes preinstalled with XP Home Edition. The screen is a 14” widescreen display that is very impressive for a low priced laptop. The good side of things spread over to the 40 GB HD, which is another surprisingly powerful addition to the laptop. MPC also throws in a CD-RW burner, and Bluetooth support, which are both above-average features. Unfortunately, this is where the good news ends. The T1300 doesn’t feature WiFi support, which is an immediate turn off for a lot of people. Perhaps the biggest sin here lies in the amount of RAM included. The T1300 comes built in with a disappointing 256 MB of RAM, which will obviously heavily limit what is playable on the computer. Fortunately, the RAM can be upgraded, so you won’t be stuck in the 256 MB age forever. At $1,249, the computer actually seems to make up for its shortcomings, and will appeal to a broad audience.


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