Tuesday, June 06, 2006

VoodooPC's new and cheap laptop?

VoodooPC is known for making highly prestigious computers, which characterize in high quality, and great performance. Unfortunately these computers also come with a downfall, their price. Well this may change fairly soon, considering that VoodooPC is now offering their new Envy u:734 laptop at a new and “affordable” price. Now don’t get me wrong, this laptop is amazing. It features a bunch of nice things, like a sweet processor and a large display, but the word “affordable” obviously has a different meaning in their eyes. Now before I get to the price lets discuss the hardware in more detail.

To start out, the laptop is available in a multitude of colors ranging from white, to pink, to pearl white. Aside from that, VoodooPC laptops also come with a custom “tattoo” on the lid for added effect, which makes it look very nice.


Cheap Laptop

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