Wednesday, May 03, 2006

AMD, Intel Keep Planning For Super Cheap PC

Two of Silicon Valley's biggest technology rivals will promote initiatives this week to grow their global business by providing low-cost computers to developing countries. Intel is announcing it will spend $1 billion to speed up the marketing of inexpensive computers to such emerging markets as such as India, China and Mexico. Its rival, Advanced Micro Devices, is already making bare-bones computers that cost $250 or less.

AMD is also putting its chips into the $100 laptops being developed for the world's low-income children by a non-profit organization started by MIT Media Lab founder Nicholas Negroponte. Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates has criticized the $100 laptops for depriving the poor of some important computer functions. The laptops run the low-cost, open-source Linux operating system, which offers some competition for Microsoft's Windows. But Negroponte has said a $100 laptop could do much the same things as a $1,000 laptop


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