Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Dell offers two dual-core laptops for under $1000

Dual core is all the rave, and anyone who has gotten the chance to use a dual core system has probably fallen in love. Dual core laptops are an entirely different beast, and for the most part don't fall under the category of “cheap”. Dell is looking to attack the low-cost notebook market with dual core to change that, offering a $999 dual-core laptop. The Inspiron E1705 and the Latitude D620 are both now offered for under that, with the Latitude available for a mere $899 with the Core Duo T2300. The notebooks aren't “meager”, and while certainly won't be winning any performance contests, having portable dual-core available at this cost is quite nice. Likely, other vendors will follow suit, and since Intel originally committed to offering dual-core for a similar price as single-core, in just a few months we may see this quite often.


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