Friday, May 19, 2006

World cup win? Cheap Laptops for all!

Toshiba is offering 66% off its notebooks – as long as Becks and co do the business in Germany.

If sheer national pride wasn’t enough, there’s now another reason to hope that Sven can guide England to victory in the World Cup – you might just pick up a bargain laptop.

Toshiba, being the footie tournament’s “official IT partner”, has said that anyone who buys one of its Intel Centrino Duo laptops will get a netbusting 66% rebate in the event of England walking away with the trophy.

“But where’s the inevitable catch?” we hear you cry. And you’d be right – there is one, kind of: you actually have to buy the laptop for full price before the World Cup and then hunker down and root for Becks and the boys. If they don’t win the tournament – which seems increasingly likely given the fact that Peter Crouch may actually be relied upon to score goals – you’ll get a reduction of jack. And we don’t mean Charlton.

So it’s a bit of a gamble really, but if you were planning on buying a Centrino Duo-powered Tosh laptop anyway – say, the lovely Qosmio G30 Media Centre – it’s well worth a punt


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