Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Used cheap laptops - Buyer Beware

If you were going to buy a used car, you would take a look at the engine, check to see how many miles it had been driven, look for any dents and probably you would ask the owner why they were selling it, what problems it has had in the past, and how it has been renovated over the years. Just like you would do a background check on a used car, if you are thinking of buying a used laptop, you need to know what it has been through.

You can save a lot of money by purchasing a used laptop, but a computer's history is a lot more elusive than a car's. A refurbished laptop computer is one that was sold to a customer but sent back to the manufacturer because of problems, and finally fixed in a factory to be sent back to a store to be resold. Used cheap laptops are different than this and they are rarely accompanied with a warranty.

Used cheap laptops are a risky investment - maybe someone simply ditched their laptop because they no longer had any need for it or wanted to upgrade to another brand out of curiosity or personal preference. In this case, their secondhand laptop will be a really cheap, worthy buy (assuming the particular laptop is what the consumer wants). Unfortunately, many used cheap laptops may simply be defective and no matter how inexpensive they are, there is no reason to buy them only to encounter problems later and be forced to replace it.

Communication with a store employee or the previous owner of the laptop is the only way to ensure that you buy a reliable, used computer. Ask questions about why it's being resold; if you feel you are not getting an honest answer or that you receive a hostile reaction, move onto your next option!

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