Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Samsung Gives In to Cheap Laptop Trend

Samsung Electronics, in line with a general strategy, has for the longest time focused on the high-end laptop market, but under pressure from market developments it is starting to move into cheap notebooks after all. The market has grown fast since the beginning of this year, with experts saying Samsung decided to keep up to protect its market share. Major competitors Apple, Sony, and Dell are introducing their own low-end models and heating up competition in laptops priced under W1 million (US $1,000).
Staring from this week, Samsung is selling laptops at a factory price of W999,000, a staffer said Thursday -- the first time the company has deigned to go below W1 million. Competitors have eroded much of its laptop market share with low-priced but improved laptops. The domestic notebook market has posted more than 20 percent growth a year, but Samsung’s share has slid from 50 percent in its heyday to 30 percent this year.


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