Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Dell boss: 'No $100 laptops and no AMD deal'

The UK head of Dell has said the company has no plans to be drawn into the game of producing cut-price 'no frills' computers.

He also told a select group of journalists that there is no 'done deal' with AMD over the use of its chips in Dell kit, despite rumours to that effect late last week.

Josh Claman, UK head of Dell, said: "I wish I'd invested in AMD stock before the rumour came out."

He added: "As far as I'm aware Dell has not put out any statement about AMD," repeating that it is still little more than a rumour.

Explaining what constitutes an official statement, Claman said analysts and the media have been reading far too much into Michael Dell's assertion when speaking at the Consumer Electronics Show that an AMD deal is "a distinct possibility".

Claman said: "He'd probably have said that last year, or even two years ago," adding that Dell has been in constant discussion with AMD over the past few years and would 'never say never' to a deal with AMD.

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